Powerful Content Management System

Wordpress? No. We have something better!
We have created and use our own Сontent Management System since 2007.
We are constantly adding new features.
We are constantly improving existing functions.

Possibilities of content management system

add and edit pages

add and edit blog entries

add and edit news and articles

upload videos and photos

the automatic processing of images

add tables and references

user-friendly text editor

edit reviews and comments

exchange of banners on the website

visitor statistics

keyword statistics Yandex Google Mail Rambler Yahoo Bing

blocking IP addresses

administration log

updating prices from suppliers

order notifications

spam protection

Email marketing and newsletter service

search engine optimization

add and edit products

update products from other websites

edit references

edit all the properties of the products

add and edit users

view and edit orders

edit texts in English Hebrew French Russian

user registration

online purchase without user registration

online shopping with user registration

online shopping cart

site registration through the popular social network

fast loading and photo processing

notify client via EMails

online correspondence with customers

online payment via PayPal VISA Mastercard