Website creation

Website creation consists of several important stages.
Each of these steps is described below.
So let's start!

Stages of website creation

54900eb1c90c642d373e731f_retina.svg Using an existing template The fastest option to create a site.
  • We select for you a set of templates.
  • You choose the template that you like.
  • We are finalizing the selected option.
54900eb1c90c642d373e731f_retina.svg Development of a unique design Your site is the only - there is no other such!
  • Formulate design requirements.
  • Designer develops layout.
  • Running multiple iterations of improvements.
54900eb1c90c642d373e731f_retina.svg Website creation
  • Approved design layout creation.
  • Testing across different browsers and bug fixes.
  • Connection to content managment system
  • Placing to server hosting
  • Repeated testing and improvements
54900eb1c90c642d373e731f_retina.svg Filling the site
  • Filling the site information about your company.
  • Filling out a few pages for testing.
  • Registration in search engines.
  • Education website management.
54900eb1c90c642d373e731f_retina.svg Website promotion
  • Selection of the best phrases for promotion.
  • Optimizing your site for the specified key phrases.
  • Submit your site to directories, blogs and other sites
  • Periodic analysis and report on the selected phrases
54900eb1c90c642d373e731f_retina.svg Website advertising
  • Defining the advertising budget.
  • Selection of the best phrases and campaign settings.
  • Launch advertising campaign
  • Periodic review of efficiency and correction.